A Little Southern Comfort


New Orleans "Southern Comfort" Centennial Old Fashioned Rocks Glasses with 22 Karat Gold Embellishment (LEO Design)


Martin Wilkes Heron was a New Orleans bartender, working at McCauley's Tavern in the Lower Garden District, a short distance from the French Quarter.  In 1874, he invented a whiskey-based liqueur which he called "Cuffs and Buttons."  It would later be renamed "Southern Comfort." The beverage included whiskey, vanilla bean, lemon juice, cinnamon, cloves, cherries and orange.

Heron moved to Tennessee in 1889, patented his blend, and began producing and selling it.

On the centennial of Southern Comfort's creation (1974), the Libbey Glass Company created a special series of decorated glassware to commemorate the drink's 100 year mark.  Mid-Century Modernist graphics featured paddlewheel "showboats" and flowers—a nod to New Orleans's port-town location near the end of the Mississippi River.  22 karat gold was used to decorate the graphics and finish the rims—an attractive and practical embellishment (since it helps to protect the glass rims from chipping).

Shown above, a set of eight Old Fashioned "rocks" glasses—perfect for whiskey drinks (and many other cocktails).  Because these are "single" Old Fashioned glasses (not "double"), they have a smaller diameter and are a bit easier to hold in smaller hands.  Click on the photo above to learn more about these handsome glasses.


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