A Crystal Cache

Japanese Ice Blue Crystal Demi-Coupes (LEO Design)

Occasionally I hear stories like this though rarely am I one of the characters.

We recently found a stockpile of Japanese crystal glassware, squirreled-away and forgotten in a Southern warehouse.  It’s what’s called “New Old Stock,” and it refers to old merchandise which has never been unpacked, let alone used.  I imagine it was abandoned stock from a department store or caterer who went out of business.   The “archeologist” who unearthed them sold us the lot—several dozen glasses—which arrived in their original boxes and interior wrapping.  They are cocktail (or champagne) glasses, made in the 1960’s and blown of a lightly-tinted blue crystal.  They are elegantly designed, very nicely made, and in pristine condition—thanks to the decades they spent undisturbed in the warehouse.  


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