White Day

Pilkington Royal Lancastrian Matte White Art Deco Hand-Thrown Vase (LEO Design)

In Japan, as elsewhere, 14 February is Valentine’s Day.  The difference, however, is that in Japan it is customary for a woman to give the gift—usually chocolate—to the male object of her affection.  Handmade chocolates are most appreciated since they imply sincerity, effort and commitment on behalf of the maker.

Today, one month later, it is time for Japanese men to return the tribute.  The celebration is called White Day, and a man is expected to give a gift back to the woman who was so nice one month earlier.  It is expected that the man’s gift be twice (or three times) the value of the Valentine’s Day gift!

Popular White Day gifts include white chocolate, white cakes, and marshmallows.  Of course, jewelry and lingerie are also appreciated.

For the aesthetically-minded man, may we suggest a vintage white ceramic vase, brimming with beautiful white flowers?  Made by Pilkington Royal Lancastrian, you will learn more about it by clicking on the photo above.


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