Wendelin Stahl

Crystalline-Glazed Studio Vase by Wendelin Stahl (LEO Design)

Wendelin Stahl was born into a family of great ceramicists in a city best-known for its ceramics.  Some might argue that Wendelin became the greatest ceramicist of them all.  Born in Höhr-Grenzhausen in 1922, Wendelin studied ceramics at art school and worked in his father’s studio.  After World War II, he and his wife, ceramicist Else Harney, founded their own studio in the medieval castle “Burg Coraidelstein” in Klotten, less than 40 miles from his hometown.  It was here that Stahl produced his beautiful forms and complex, artful glazes—like the deep blue crystalline finish pictured above.  In the castle, he and his wife invited other fine artists to produce and show their works alongside the pottery.  Wendelin Stahl died in 2000—but not before developing a body of work which set a standard for ceramics students of the generations that followed him.

The hand-thrown vase, pictured above, is of delicate, Asian-inspired form.  The stunning and complex crystalline glaze complements the piece perfectly.  Please click on the photo above to learn more about it.


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