Welcome, March!

English Bloodstone Cufflinks in Silver Settings (LEO Design)

The “Bloodstone”—also known as the “Heliotrope”—is the traditional birthstone for the month of March.  Bloodstone is a variety of dark green jasper (an opaque chalcedony) with flecks or streaks of hematite (iron oxide)—impurities which give the appearance of red drops of blood scattered over the dark green stone.

The name “heliotrope” comes from the Greek (“to turn toward the sun” as a plant might) and the stone has a long metaphysical history, including protection from “the evil eye” and bringing change and energy to those who wear them.  The bloodstone has been thought to make rain, cause solar eclipses and preserve youth.  And, for Christians, the red flecks within the bloodstone symbolize droplets of the blood of Christ upon Golgotha.  Lastly, the bloodstone is considered a symbol of justice.

Bloodstones are mined in India, Brazil, China, Australia and within the United States.

The English cufflinks, shown above, were fashioned in the 1950’s of oval cabochons of bloodstone, set in sterling mounts.


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