Welcome, LEO!

French Cast Brass Lion's Head Letterknife (LEO Design)

Today, 23 July, marks the first day of LEO.  It is also the shop’s (ceremonial) 21st birthday and the third anniversary of our website and daily journal.  And, have I mentioned, it’s my birthday?

LEO’s are proud, loyal and love a good show.  While they do have (a few) flaws, let’s leave those aside for the moment—in deference to the day’s numerous commemorations, rightfully observed.

Shown above, a French brass letterknife from the 1930’s.  Those of you fortunate enough to be (or love) a LEO will be pleased to use it in your daily letter-opening.  For those who don’t like LEOs, well, let’s leave them aside for the moment.

Please come into the shop or call us for further information about the LEO letterknife.


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