Welcome, Capricorn!

Hand-Carved Wooden Capricorn Zodiac Plaque

Today the Sun enters the heavenly zone of Capricorn (21 December - 19 January). Capricorns are the "Big Daddies" of the zodiac. They are realists, goal setters and strategists. They analyze, pick their destination, determine the shortest route and then keep their foot on the gas pedal. They make good, practical leaders, who keep their troops on the straight-and-narrow—not easily pulled off-track to "smell the flowers" or "try something new." They enjoy family and work life, and are often happiest when they can blend work and pleasure.  All this stoic self-direction can have negative aspects, however. Ruled by Saturn, Capricorns can be stern taskmasters—with no appreciation of spontaneousness or creative chaos. Foolish decisions really get their goat! And their paternalistic command can rub some the wrong way. More than one "buttoned-up" Capricorn has (inadvertently) revealed a deep, secret foible—which came out despite every effort to suppress it.

A hand-carved Capricorn leaps-forth from this deeply-carved wooden plaque, shown above. It was made in Spain and is hand-painted. Perhaps it would honor your favorite Capricorn? Click on the photo above to learn more about it.


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