Vintage Frames - part I

Victorian English Brass Chain Photo Frame (LEO Design)

Everyone loves to receive a photo—parents, grandparents, godparents and more.  Slipped into a handsome vintage frame, a simple photo can be elevated to a whole new level.  Since most of our frames are from the late Nineteenth or early Twentieth Centuries, they tend to be small—which is not all bad.  A small frame takes up less space; it can be placed into a tight spot or in front of larger objects (other frames).  And giving a small frame (and picture) as a gift, means a smaller space imposition required of the recipient.

The frame above was made in Victorian England, c. 1880's - 1890's.  The brass chain fits easily within any decorative aesthetic—whether a feminine dressing table or a masculine office desk.  Please click on the photo above to learn more about it.  And check-out our full collection of vintage frames in our on-line store.

More vintage frames tomorrow.


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