Vintage Alligator Frames

Hand-Made Photo Frames of Vintage, Repurposed Alligator (LEO Design)

Several years ago, I met a fellow—a craftsman/collector/vintage dealer.  His primary interest is finding, restoring and selling vintage alligator and crocodile handbags.  In his pursuit, he’ll often come across a bag which is beyond restoration.  In such cases, he uses the old skins to make handsome photo frames, such as you see in the photo above.  I’ve been buying these frames from him for the past 15 years and he’s just delivered a new batch to us, made from a vintage bag from the 1940’s or 1950’s. We have 3.5 x 5 ($325), 4 x 6 ($375), and 5 x 7 ($425).  Please come into the shop to see them or feel free to call us with questions.

For the Holidays, LEO Design is now open from noon to 10:00 pm daily.