Saint Valentine's Day


Cast Pewter Heart-Form Paperweight Sculpture (LEO Design)


Valentinus—today known as "Saint Valentine"— was a Roman priest (and possibly a bishop) in Third Century Rome.  He ministered to the persecuted Christian locals which angered the authorities and, eventually, led to his arrest. Valentinus was brought before the emperor, Claudius Gothicas, who came to like the priest.  But, when Valentinus pushed too hard to convert the emperor, the monarch provided his own ultimatum: the priest must renounce his Christian faith or he would be clubbed and beheaded.  The priest refused to renounce his faith and was martyred on 14 February 269.  Before he was killed, however, Valentinus is said to have restored the sight and hearing to his jailer's daughter.

Well into the Middle Ages, Saint Valentine's bones were kept in the Roman Catacombs—where they became a popular pilgrimage destination.  In the Thirteenth Century, the relics were transferred to the Basilica of Santa Prassede, one of the oldest churches in Rome.  Portions of his purported relics are venerated in Madrid, Vienna, Prague, Dublin, Glasgow, Birmingham, Malta, on the island of Lesbos and in France and Poland.

The story of Saint Valentine's life remains shrouded in mystery.  It is also possible that his "history," as we know it, is a conflation of different people's stories.  Because of this confusion, in 1969 the Catholic Church removed Saint Valentine from their "General Roman Calendar" of memorials.  This means that, while Valentine continues to be recognized as a saint, there is no specific day on which his memorial is celebrated in the calendar of Masses.  Neverless, amongst the people, he remains one of the most famous, popular, and honored of all the saints.

This weighty, cast pewter heart, shown above, might be a token of your affection.  Click on the photo above to learn more about it.


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