Matsumoto Castle

Silver Cufflinks Featuring Enameled Matsumoto Castle (LEO Design)

Matsumoto Castle is one of Japan's most famous buildings and a designated National Treasure.  Principally built between 1593 and 1594, it soon became the home of the "Matsumoto Domain" during the Tokugawa Shogunate of the Edo Period (1603-1868).  It is within the Nagano Prefecture, some 40 miles south of Nagano.  Built of wood, atop a stone base, Matsumoto Castle is unusual in that it was not sited upon a hilltop or on an island. Instead, it is a "flatland" castle, protected by a wide man-made moat (which, in turn, is surrounded by cherry trees). The six story building is sometimes called "Crow Castle" due to its black coloration and gracefully upswept eves.

These cufflinks, probably Japanese, are silver decorated with striking enameling. Matsumoto stands proudly atop its stone pedestal at the center of the faces.  Please click on the photo above to learn more about these handsome cufflinks.


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