Musgo Real: Aftershave


Portuguese Musgo Real ("Royal Moss") Aftershave by Claus Porto (LEO Design)


In 1887, two German businessmen, Claus & Schweder, formed a soap and fragrance company in Porto, Portugal.  Over the decades, the company—now called Claus Porto—made fine bath products for Portugal's carriage trade.  Some families commissioned their own custom soap fragrances, milled and packaged specifically for their household.

Claus Porto's Musgo Real range (that is, "Royal Moss") was born in the Art Deco Thirties. The classic, original fragrance (shown above) is a masculine blend of patchouli, neroli, bergamot, lavender, violet, vetiver and musk.

The 3.4 ounce bottle of aftershave comes in an Art Deco inspired bottle.  Note that fragrance is labeled and sold within strict industry (and legal) guidelines, based on the percentage of essential oil in the formula (in order: aftershave, cologne, eau de toilette). While this product has a bold fragrance, it is labeled as aftershave because the essential oils do not exceed the minimum required to call it cologne.  Additionally, this aftershave contains soothing ingredients (which cologne doesn't) to help calm skin after shaving.

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