Stoneware Thrown


English Modernist Hand-Thrown Studio Workshop Lidded Stoneware Pot with Band of Incised Hearts (LEO Design)


Stoneware crockery has been used to hold items—often, but not always, foodstuffs—since the Dawn of Civilization.  While the manufacturing precision and methodologies have improved, the basic technology has long remained the same: clay is harvested, shaped, fired, glazed and fired again.

The English Modernist lidded pot, shown above, was probably made in the 1960's or 1970's. It is crafted of hand-thrown stoneware (a fairly course variety of clay), incised with a band of hearts, and glazed in an organic, variegated brown glaze.

A vessel like this is perfect in the kitchen: for holding sugar, pasta, or tea (either bagged or loose). In the bathroom it can keep-handy cotton balls or cotton swabs.  And, to be frank, I've sold more than a few vessels of this size and general style for interring the cremated remains of a beloved family pet.  (The top may be sealed shut, if you wish.)

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