Clews Blues - VIII


English Art Deco "Chameleonware" Tapered Onion-Form Budvase with Hand-Painted "Indian Flame" Decoration by George Clews (LEO Design)


This week we are sharing pieces from our collection of George Clews "Blue Chameleonware" Art Deco ceramics made in England in the Twenties and Thirties.

In 1926—America's 150th birthday—Philadelphia held a Sesquicentennial Exposition, a World's Fair championed by Pennsylvania merchant-retailer John Wannamaker.  Among the various historical, sporting, religious and artistic exhibitions, foreign nations, U.S. states, government offices and private companies were invited to sponsor a display, perhaps a pavilion, exhibiting their work, products, art, food and other cultural objets. The English were represented by (amongst other companies) the George Clews Pottery Works—who took-home a gold medal for "Originality of Design."

Vases such as the onion-form bud vase, shown above, were included in the award-winning Clews exhibition.  The flamboyant, hand-painted designs created a sensation and helped broaden the Chameleonware product beyond the British Isles.  Click on the photo above to learn more about this piece.  Or click here to see an assortment of Chameleonware pieces currently on-offer in the LEO Design on-line store.

More Chameleonware pottery tomorrow and in the days to come.


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