Happy Birthday, Brad!

LEO Design Web Designer Brad at Work (LEO Design)

Brad Soucy composes the perfect shot—through LEO Design's Greenwich Village door.

Once or twice in a lifetime, an extra-special person will enter one's life. For me, Brad Soucy comes immediately to mind. A recent Chicago Art Institute graduate and new to New York City, Brad walked-into my shop on Bleecker Street, looking for a temporary job while he got his art career up-and-running. I hired him on the spot; Brad was smart, creative, friendly, handsome and—most importantly—kind. I knew that customers would come to like him. Little did I know, fourteen years later, I would still have a working connection with him.

Brad was born on this day in 1981. It was a Thursday which means I was probably sitting in a freshman history lecture at the University of Hawaii. I try to picture myself sitting there, unaware that a consequential new life was coming into the world. Truth be told, I couldn't have imagined any of the changes that the next decade would bring my way.

Brad worked in the shop for many months. But his talent and drive required he move to greater things. Luckily, he (and his wife) visited the shop often and kept in touch from their new digs in Brooklyn.  Soon he became a father and started building websites as a stay-at-home dad.

When I (reluctantly) decided to embrace the digital age, I called Brad to build my first website. When I hired him, I knew that I was getting more than a "techie."  I was getting an artist—and one who understood my peculiar tastes and temperament. Brad built us a wonderful site!  And, several years later—when I closed the Greenwich Village store and decided to amp-up the on-line store—Brad came to the rescue again. Only, by now, Brad was Director of Design and Digital Strategy at Virginia Tech! He had moved way out of my price range—and yet, he graciously (and beautifully) crafted the website you see before you.

I cannot thank Brad enough for all the TLC he has showered upon LEO Design, recently or fourteen years ago. Happy Birthday, Brad! It is a joy and blessing to know you!


Though our Greenwich Village store is now permanently closed, LEO Design is still alive and well!  Please visit our on-line store where we continue to sell Handsome Gifts (www.LEOdesignNYC.com)

We also can be found in Pittsburgh's historic "Strip District" at Mahla & Co. Antiques (www.mahlaantiques.com) or in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania at The Antique Center of Strabane (www.antiquecenterofstrabane.com).

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