Sognando l'Italia

Bitossi Italian Stoneware Vase with Hand-Incised Decor and Green and Brown Glazing (LEO Design)

Dreaming of Italy.  I could spend my every holiday in Italy—and, if fact, am roughing-out plans to return there next June.  Art, beauty and style have always permeated the Italian mindset—whether it's ancient Roman sculpture, paintings of the Renaissance, Turn-of-the-Century gardens, or Valentino's gowns today.  And the Italian instinct for "la bella figura" is not limited to the wealthy and the worldly.  Indeed, whether countryside or cosmopolitan, simple creations are often inseminated with the DNA of charm, grace or elegance.

With this vase, made by Bitossi in the 1950's, style transcends simplicity.  Though its form and its manner of decorative incising is far from unique or innovative, the piece projects ample style and sophistication—la bella figura, indeed. This country cousin would be right at home in the chicest of Palazzi Milanesi. 

So, as I chatter and shovel for the next several months, I will happily gaze upon this wonderful little vase—and dream of Italy in the Spring.  Please click on the photo above to learn more about it.


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