A Real Keeper

Sophisticated Dusty Blue and Pea Green Vase by Hans Welling for Ceramano (LEO Design)

Maybe I should keep this vase...

Jasba Keramik was founded by Jakob Schwaderlapp in 1926 in Ransbach-Baumbach (half-way between Frankfurt and Köln, Germany). The company made tiles, architectural ceramics and specialized component parts for industry and manufacturing.  In time, Jasba added-on ceramic housewares and decorative "art pottery" for residential household use.

In 1959, with WWII long over, Schwaderlapp sought ways to build his sales and improve his profit margins by "upgrading" his ceramics offerings.  He founded the "Ceramano" division which aimed to combine the look and quality of "studio" ceramics pieces with modern production techniques.  With a rising middle class in the post-war Western World—and demand for the fresh new Mid-Century Modernist aesthetic—the times were ripe for Schwaderlapp's gambit: to produce higher-quality, higher-priced art wares for a growing middle class market.

Ceramicist Hans Welling was the chief designer and creative director for Ceramano—and was also responsible for the company's merchandising and marketing efforts, too.  He guided Ceramano until 1962 when Gerda Heuckeroth took over the position.

The vase above is a sublime example of Hans Welling's artistic inspiration.  Please click on the photo above to learn more about it.

Or maybe I'll keep it...


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