Deco Delights - VII

Art Deco Snapping Cufflinks with Thick, Chamfered Mother-of-Pearl Faces (LEO Design)

We are in the process of listing dozens of newly-acquired pairs of vintage cufflinks to our website's on-line shop.  For the next several days, we'll be sharing some of the handsome Art Deco options, now available at LEO Design. 

Mother-of-Pearl has been a classic shirt button material for centuries—even before "sewn-on" buttons became popular.  Here we have a Modernist Art Deco twist on the material: thick, chamfered slabs of Mother-of-Pearl topping "snapping" cufflinks from the Twenties. Snapping cufflinks were a new invention in the 1920's, which coincided with the dwindling employment of valets to dress wealthy or middle class men.  With these new cufflinks, a man could easily dress himself.  He would install both sides of each cufflink into the cuff before dressing—thus he was free to use two hands to negotiate the task. After putting-on the garment, he could simply snap-closed each cufflink.  Ready-to-go!

What this pair of cufflinks lacks in "graphic sex appeal," it makes up for in sculptural beauty—plus the pleasing play of light which bounces off the thick slabs of Mother-of-Pearl.

Click on the photo above to learn more about this handsome pair of cufflinks.

More newly-acquired cufflinks tomorrow and in the days to come.


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