Old Folk, Sunday Best


Folk Art Landscape "Sunday on the Lake" Signed Caroline Hartman, 1853 (LEO Design)


I have never been overly charmed by folk art.  Folk craft, yes, sometimes.  But I always have preferred a little more academic rigor in the paintings and drawings I have collected.  So, when I purchased this picture some twenty years ago, I bought it solely for the gilded Nineteenth Century frame—not for the painting.  I intended to use it to reframe a (preferred) painting or print some day.  I stored-away the frame (and its picture) amongst my collection of frames-in-waiting.

For the past few years, I have been one of forty dealers at the Antique Center of Strabane, in Canonsburg, about 20 miles south of Pittsburgh.  Being more-removed from urban life (and closer to West Virginia), the clientele seems to prefer a "country" look.  In fact, the antique center has developed a reputation for presenting an excellent array of "primitives" and other "countrified" merchandise: painted furniture, crocks, quilts, kitchenalia, and, yes, primitive artwork.

So, as I slowly unpacked the stash of boxed-up merchandise (after moving from Manhattan), I rediscovered this frame and decided to give the painting another chance.   I am now showing it in my stall at the Antique Center and I have it here on my website as well.  Please click the photo above to learn more about it.


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