The Good Shepherd


Nineteenth Century Italian Good Shepherd Print in Handsome Marquetry Inlay Frame (LEO Design)


In truth, "The Feast of the Good Shepherd" was last Sunday, 30 April.  Alas, I had not yet acquired this Late-Nineteenth Century Italian print of The Good Shepherd in time.  So I'll share it now.

The lithographic print is nice, if not "important."  What really sets-apart this piece is the exquisite Italian frame.  Tiny pieces of wooden marquetry—and lots of those pieces!—are precisely cut and laid finely into the wooden frame.  Under close inspection, one can really appreciate the painstaking fastidiousness of the craftsman.  From a distance, the graphic pattern of the woodwork seems to radiate energy outward—giving the Christ figure a "halo-like" presence.

Whether one keeps the print or replaces it with a mirror (ideally bevelled), the frame would be a very nice addition to any home.  Click on the photo above to learn more about it.


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