Tracks in the Snow


English Arts & Crafts Hand-Beaten Copper Desk Set with Blue Enameled "Deer Track" Cabochons (LEO Design)

While Spring will be here in less than two weeks, there's still a chance that we may see a bit more snow.  And, where there's snow, we find foot tracks.  Human tracks, including the occasional skid mark.  Doggie tracks, occasionally turning in circles.  And the random tracks of wildlife—rabbits, squirrels, birds, deer and other indiscernible creatures—which "violate" the perfection of a new-fallen blanket of snow.

My "new" neighborhood in Pittsburgh adjoins the University of Pittsburgh—in a fairly well-urbanized district called Oakland.  There are plenty of deer in the nearby Schenley Park, however, they rarely venture-out into the urban bustle.  (Every other sort of creature, including muskrats, have waddled across my back deck.)  I'm quite glad we don't have deer.  My friends and family who "host" these four legged visitors forever complain that the deer will devour nearly any kind of plant in their gardens.  

This English Arts & Crafts hand-hammered copper desk set is mounted with enameled "deer track" cabochons—riveted in-place with copper "bezels."  The simplicity of the deep blue embellishments is sufficient given the wonderful hammering of the copper and the plentiful riveting.  Made in England, circa 1900, these pieces would become certain "statement pieces" on your desk. Click on the photo above to learn more about them.


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