Graf & Krippner Bavarian Jugendstil Gilt Genie Bottle Vase with Floral Decoration (LEO Design)


I cannot help but think of the Sun when I look at this cheery, Bavarian Jugendstil porcelain vase.  A handsome Art Nouveau floral pattern peeks through the gilt glazing.  It was made by Graf & Krippner in Bavarian Selb—in Germany, along the Czech border.  Having been created so close to the Austro-Hungarian border helps explain the "Viennese aesthetic attitude" of the vase.  The mark indicates it was made in the company's earliest years, 1906 to 1911.  Selb is famous for its porcelain manufacture and is the headquarters of the Rosenthal manufactory.  While the piece can be used to hold a stem or two, this vase is perfect for standing as punctuation within a collection of gold ceramics or glassware.  Click on the photo above to learn more about this handsome piece.


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