Hanukkah in July!

Cast Bronze Cypress Tree Hanukkah Menorah (LEO Design)


At LEO Design, Hanukkah is coming early this year.  I just received my cast bronze Hanukkah Menorah—beautifully-sculpted in the form of a wind-swept cypress tree.  As beautiful as it is for Hanukkah, one might just want to keep-it-out all year 'round.  Atop a mantelpiece (where one cannot see the candle holes), one might not even realize that it's a menorah.   Click on the photo above to learn more about this handsome piece—which is sure to become a treasured family heirloom.

An interesting fact: this year, Hanukkah begins on the evening of 25 December—Christmas Day.  Of course, Hanukkah falls on different days each year (as it follows the ancient Hebrew calendar which is based on the cycles of the Moon).  But it doesn't often coincide so closely with the festive Christian holy day.

And one more thing: there will be no Hanukkah in the year 3031!  Again, because of the different lengths of the Hebrew versus the Gregorian calendars, Hanukkah will fall on 1 January 3032 (skipping 3031 altogether).  But fear not; there will be two Hanukkahs in 3032 (one in January and one in December).  This has never happened before.   According to Mark Ordower, a professor at Randolph College, the Hebrew calendar was "mathematized" only 1,600 years ago—therefore, the rare "Hanukkah skip" has never happened in the past.  Despite there being two Hanukkahs in 3032, there is little reason to start your shopping immediately.  You still have more than a thousand years to finish your shopping before that holiday arrives.

Click on the photo above to learn more about this handsome Cypress Tree Menorah.


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