Space Age Ceramics - part I

East German Studio Vase by Heiner Hans Körting (LEO Design)

Recently I've purchased an interesting collection of European ceramics which have a decidedly Space Age sensibility.  The decades of the Great Space Race were the Fifties and Sixties—coincident with the blooming of post-War Modernist design.  It is not a surprise that the world's scientific zeitgeist would affect the period's aesthetics.

Shown here, an East German studio piece from the 1960's by Heiner Hans Körting (1911-1991) for Danburg Pottery.  The hand-thrown piece was modeled with an extended, tapering neck—which was carefully sliced and folded-back to create three curing handles. It was fired with warm sandy and metallic gunmetal glazes. It reminds me of an Apollo space capsule from the glory days of lunar exploration. Please click on the photo above to learn more about it.

More Space Age ceramics tomorrow.


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