Let the Sun Shine! - I


Modernist Soft Square Cufflinks with Machine-Turned Radiant Decoration (LEO Design)


While we're soaking-up the summer warmth right now, let's not forget that the sun soon will be spending more time down South.  The Autumn crisp will be here soon—followed by the Winter's chill.  

We've recently loaded a new cache of cufflinks to our website (with many more pairs to come).  Over the next several days, we'll be sharing pairs which are somehow reminiscent of the Summer Sun. Perhaps a pair of their shining faces will help you take the sun with you throughout the coming seasons, a small reminder that the Sun has gone—but it will come back.

Many people think of Modernism as an aesthetic of the post war period—often from the Fifties and Sixties.  But Modernism started quite a bit earlier, perhaps in the 1880's. Though it was a marginal, avant-garde movement in its time, the late-Victorian works of Dr. Christopher Dresser certainly pointed to the Futuristic Space Age to come.  Arts Nouveau (and Arts & Crafts) is widely considered to be a first-crack at Modernism (with some pieces, naturally, displaying greater aesthetic foresight).  And Art Deco was, clearly, highly innovative, futuristic and forward-looking.

These cufflinks, made in the 1930's or 1940's, might easily have been lumped-in with my Art Deco offerings.  However there is something special about them that points-the-way to the Mid-Century Modern, yet to come.  Their "soft square" shape conveys the gentle energy of Modernist design and the machine-turned engraving, admittedly an old-school technique, is used to create a fresh and hopeful design.  And that engraved design is reminiscent of a radiant sun—glowing promisingly from the cuff of a dress shirt.  We present this pair to inaugurate our collection of "sunny" cufflinks which we will be sharing over the coming days.  Learn more about this pair by clicking on the photo above.

We have recently added a cache of new cufflinks to our website—and have many more pairs to add in the weeks to come.  Please click here to see the entire range of cufflinks for sale at LEO Design.

More radiant, sunny cufflinks tomorrow and in the days to come. 


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