English Cast Brass Ashtray with Bird Dogs in Water (LEO Design)


Although we have been "in-summer" for a full two weeks, it really seems to be kicking-in now, with the temperature spiking and Independence Day behind us.  I find myself heading out to my garden early in the day—before it gets too hot.  If I can do my weeding and trimming and fertilizing before 10:30 am, I can shower and focus on "work" for the rest of the day.

These working dogs—English Birddogs—seem to be enjoying a cooling splash in a steam. They also seem to like getting out of the house and into the countryside.  Though I have endured many a hot day in England, on the whole, there is nothing more beautiful than an English Summer.  The light, the greenery, and the (typically) gentle warmth make England a wonderful place to spend some time in the Summer.

The cast brass ashtray, shown above, was made in England in the Fifties.  It will bring a bit of "the country sporting life" to your office, den or windowsill.  Use it for coins, rings, clips, soap or keys (if not cigarette ashes). Click on the photo above to learn more about it.


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