Oxford Around the Corner - I


Nineteenth Century Blackforest Hand-Carved Wooden Frame with Rusticated Members, Oxford Corners and Carved Leaf Embellishments (LEO Design)


I'm heading to England this week—London, not quite Oxford—and I thought I might prepare for the trip by sharing a few frames with "Oxford Corners."

Oxford Corners are the style of framing joinery in which the vertical and horizontal members form an intersecting cross at the corner.  And, while such joinery is named after the famed academic city, Oxford Corners have been made all over Europe—especially in the Nineteenth Century, from which the frame above originates.

The "Blackforest" frame, shown above is from either Southern Germany or Switzerland—the forested mountainous region which has long specialized in carved woodwork.  This frame exhibits a hand-carved "rustic-timber" profile.  Carved wooden leaves embellish each of the frame's corners.

This Nineteenth Century frame displays a Nineteenth Century print; the two elements may have been paired from the beginning.  Whether you choose to keep the "super sweet" print or insert your own image, it's entirely up to you.  Personally, I'd like to see something a little more rustic in the frame—something a little more "outdoorsy."  Perhaps a watercolor landscape of a mountain lake, surrounded by trees.  A sketch of a country homestead.  Or a photo of scouts gathered around their breakfast bonfire.  And wouldn't it be the perfect home for a black & white photo of a beloved, country-loving canine?  Please click on the photo above to learn more about this handsome Nineteenth Century frame.


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