Accessories for the Natural Man - I


English Art Deco Cufflinks with Camel & Cream Enameling (LEO Design)


Some men like to keep things understated. No flash. No bling. For them, we present a collection of "natural accessories"—cufflinks in decidedly "earthy" shades: brown, rust, black, cream and white (plus silver and gold). Call it an "Homage to the Seventies" or a solution for the modest mate.  Find these cufflinks for the Natural Man on our website at LEO Design.

Art Deco was a large and widely popular design movement.  It conveyed "a modern feel," in keeping with the modern times after World War I.  It was well-suited to mass production methods, necessary to satisfy a growing middle class with new-found leisure time and increasing disposable income (in contrast to earlier movements which required much more labor-intensive "handcraft").  And the Art Deco movement was employed in a wide variety of products and objects—from toasters, to light switches, to automobiles, to skyscrapers.

These British Art Deco cufflinks have a somewhat nautical sensibility—like semaphore signals or the little flags which flutter behind a ship.  They are also colored in classic English Art Deco colors: soft, camel brown and cream.  So many enameled signs, posters, product packages and other graphic designs in Thirties England used the very same gentle hues (much more so than did designers across the pond).  The color and graphic design of these cufflinks really take me to a very specific place and time.  Learn more about them by clicking on the photo above.

More "Cufflinks for the Natural Man" tomorrow and in days to come.


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