Star Wars Day



It's "Star Wars Day"!  May the Fourth be with You! 

I have always been attracted to otherworldly, "planetary" ceramics glazes—dappled, lunar, extraterrestrial finishes, reminiscent of foreign planets (real or imagined).  What they lack in bright color, they provide amply in texture and sophistication.  I keep a collection of them displayed together (most to be found in the LEO Design on-line store) and enjoy the bold impact of contrasting shapes and organic surface patterns.

The German Modernist vase shown above, made in the Sixties or Seventies by Emons & Söhne, wears a dappled grey glaze over a chocolate brown under-color.  It reminds me of the planet Mercury or some yet-to-be-discovered moon.  Click on the photo above to learn more about it.


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