Independence Day

Collection of Red, White & Blue Art Pottery (LEO Design)

Happy Independence Day!  

On this day in 1995 (I remember it well), I was on my hands-and-knees, belt-sanding the floor in my first shop, 413 Bleecker Street.  The shop was to open in a month—and there was no time for a day off.  But it didn't matter: I was independent, I was my own boss, I was taking the first few steps off of an interesting and fulfilling career as a shopkeeper.

This year—twenty-eight years later—I probably still will spend (at least) a little time at work.  I'm leaving on vacation in five day's time and need to make use of the time.

I guess some things don't change!  As in 1995, I still live a life on-deadline.  But I'm still independent—still interested and fulfilled.

Enjoy your Fourth of July!


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