Moon Glow


West German Modernist Vase with "Moon Grey" Glazing, Curdled on the Shoulder (LEO Design)


A "Full Moon" describes that period of time—usually a day or two—when the Earth is directly between the Moon and the Sun (which illuminates the moon), thus making the moon appear perfectly round.  Technically, any Full Moon only lasts a moment—which, this month, is at 7:54 pm today (Eastern).  But that moment of "total fullness" is not distinguishable to most naked, laymans' eyes.  Instead, the moon appears to be full all night long (or sometimes for a couple of nights).

This month's Full Moon is also called the "Harvest Moon," which is always the Full Moon closest to the Autumnal Equinox (which, this year, is in two days).  Traditionally, it was during this period that many farmers were hustling to harvest their late-summer crops—and the "Harvest Moon" (which tended to rise early in the evening) would provide valuable extra illumination, allowing the farmers to work longer and later, thus completing their critical task.

This West German urn has a cool white glaze reminiscent of a Full Moon.  Furthermore, the "curdled" glazing on the shoulder of the vase looks like the moon's mysterious grey shapes which have intrigued sky-gazers for millennia.  Click on the photo above to learn more about it.


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