Ceramano "Minerva" Vase with Triangular Relief and Curry Glazing (LEO Design)

I'm not sure what this Ceramano vase has to do with the Roman goddess, Minerva, but the design is named after her. It wears triangular "armor" over its tapering neck and a rich, curry glaze.  Please click on the photo above to learn more about it.

Minerva is the Roman goddess of wisdom, handicrafts, the arts, medicine, commerce, poetry and war. Over the years, her importance within the pantheon of Ancient Roman gods expanded—making her one of the top three Roman deities.  Her Greek counterpart was Athena, and, like her, Minerva was famously chaste.

A famous statue of Minerva was installed in the Temple of Vesta, the architectural remains of which can be seen today in the Roman Forum. This circular temple was built with an ever-burning hearth—tended to by the six "Vestal Virgins" who were charged with keeping the sacred flame alive. As long as the fire was kept burning, Rome would continue to stand. Legend has it that Minerva's stature had been brought to Rome from Troy (after its fall) by the hero Aeneas.

Minerva, goddess of handcrafts, was incensed when the mortal, Arachne, dared to boast that she could weave as well as any god. Minerva challenged Arachne to a weaving competition, which (of course) Minerva won. She punished Arachne by changing the weaver into a spider. This story reinforced the ancient belief that one should never challenge the preeminence of the gods—a conviction which exists to this day.


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