Row, Row, Row


Handcrafted Wooden Rowboat Model (LEO Design)


When I was a young boy, my father had a modest boat, a 13' Boston Whaler.  Every weekend, it seemed, he would take me out into Kaneohe Bay from which one is treated to one of the most beautiful views on Earth.  We would motor out to the sandbar and I would look down at (what my dad called) "the sea snakes" in the shallow water.  (I think they were probably sea cucumbers.)  Despite the great adventure, I never really liked going out in that boat.  Perhaps I was too young to appreciate the opportunity.  I hated the gas fumes from the portable fuel tank.  The salty orange-canvas life jacket scratched my burning neck.  The violent chop-chop-chop across the water was jarring.  And the time I fell overboard (and came within inches of the spinning propeller!) was surreal. Perhaps it was the weekly regularity—too much of a good thing.  Plus, you must remember: I'm a LEO and felines don't typically like the ocean.  My idea of great water is a mirror-flat, freshwater mountain lake.  I like to see the mountains, the trees and the coastline (all at the same time).  

These "recovered memories" did not stop me from buying and appreciating this handcrafted wooden rowboat model.  It's fairly simple, though each element is handsomely made. I imagine how nice it would be as a business card holder on the right executive desk.  Please click the photo above learn more about this nice piece of craftsmanship.


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