Queen's College


English Oak Stationery Stand from Queen's College, Oxford (LEO Design)

Queen's College, part of Oxford University, was founded in 1341.  It was originally intended to educate clergymen for the distant reaches of Northwest England, snuggled just under Scotland (today designated Cumbria County).  In addition to clergy, the school also began to educate sons of the nobility and a good number of "poor boys" who were smart but could not have afforded an expensive education.  The school was named after its patroness, Queen Phillippa of Hainault.  She was married to King Edward III and served as his political advisor and regent (while he was away during the Hundred Years' War).  The school is known for its handsome architecture, some of it designed (or influenced) by Sir Christopher Wren (1632-1723) and Nicholas Hawksmoor (1661-1736).  One of Queen's enduring traditions is called the Boar's Head Gaudy, a festive Christmas Dinner for those students who were unable to travel the great and difficult distance to their Northern homes for the Christmas break.  Today, more than 600 years on, the dinner has been moved to the Saturday before Christmas and is attended by Queen's College alumni.  A boar's head—boar was the most luxurious meal for the Ancient Romans—would be paraded through the dinning hall to much singing, clapping and merriment.

Notable alumni of Queen's College includes English King Henry V,  United States Senator Cory Booker, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbot, Neurologist Oliver Sacks, even Mr. Bean himself, actor Rowan Atkinson.

The English quarter-sawn oak stationery stand, shown above, bears the Queen's College crest.  Classically handsome, it was made in the 1920's or 1930's.  Even as it approaches 100 years old, such a milestone seems negligible compared to a college approaching its 700th birthday!  Click on the photo above to learn more about this handsome and useful piece.


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