A Desert Drive

Roseville Art Deco Rosebowl with Burnt Orange and Caramel Glazing (LEO Design)

At about this time last year I visited my mother in the Southwest, where she lives.  Though she inhabits a fairly large town, which is part of a larger cluster of towns, her community remains "amenity-free"—meaning, in this case, that the nearest operating airport is 4 hours away by car.  (By the way, there also are no arthouse cinemas or comprehensive bookstores in her town, either).  I surmise that few people in her region of 100,000 people ever go anywhere by plane (or see foreign films or read secular books).  

So I flew to the nearest airport, rented a car, and drove the additional 4 hours to join her.  Despite my annoyance (and travel exhaustion), it was a beautiful drive through the Southwestern desert.  What appeared to be a dry, seemingly dead, landscape, was full of life.  And the rosy sunset, reflected off the eroded mesa bluffs, radiated vibrancy and color.  For someone not drawn to a desert atmosphere, I found the drive an enlightening experience.

The Art Deco rose bowl vase, shown above, possesses some of the same sun-baked color that charmed me on that sunset drive.  It was made by Roseville in the 1930's.  Although the shape has a Modernist, almost Industrial appearance, the dappled multi-color glaze gives the piece an organic softness.  Click on the photo above to learn more about it.


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