Bear With It


Little Teddy Bear with Red Knitted Ski Sweater and Velour Pants (LEO Design)

Oy!  Exactly one more month to go!  On 3 November, the voting will have ended and the counting will have begun.  Within a week or two of that, most of the ballots should have been counted and The American Will should be known.  Until then, we must bear things as best we can.

I received my Pennsylvania ballot today, Saturday, and will mail-it-back on Monday.  I plan to drop it into the interior lobby slot of my local post office.  

If you haven't yet, VOTE!  Whether you vote by mail, vote early in-person, or vote at the polls on Election Day, your voice is critical.  It's true, one lone voice can appear powerless.  But, when combined with the voices of other engaged (perhaps enraged) Americans, we can point our country in the direction we think is right.  Apathy is the enemy of progress.

Welcome our Christmas Bear, shown above.  He has a handsome "faux mohair" coat, is dressed in a jaunty red ski sweater, and has "poseable" arms and legs, each tipped in felt pads.  Click on the photo above to learn more about him.


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