Sea Turtles

Cast Bronze Sea Turtle Sculpture (LEO Design)


Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles, called Honu, have always been found living in and around the Hawaiian Islands, where I grew up.  When I was a boy, most people thought of them as cute, nothing more.  Other people hunted them, mounting their lacquered shells on their walls as trophies.  But, since I left the islands for college in the early Eighties, Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles seem to have crawled back, regaining their ancient, iconic status as native, indigenous creatures—as symbols of Hawaii and its people.  

Honu can live for up to 80 years.  Thus, they are sometimes perceived as wise, resilient, and capable of bringing good luck.  Some people think of the turtles as possessing mana, a spiritual energy, perhaps that of ancestral spirits.

Today, graphic representations of the sea turtle are very common, on tee shirts, corporate logos and bumper stickers.  They now represent the Hawaiian Islands and, perhaps more importantly, have been adopted as a symbol of an embattled people, pushed to the brink of extinction.  They are also seen as an emblem of conservation—a reminder that the natural environment must be protected for the good of its inhabitants.

The cast bronze sea turtle, shown above, captures an easy-going sea turtle as it paddles through the water.  In truth, this sea turtle was crafted in Canada, not Hawaii.  But it would, still, provide a reminder of the gentle creatures—and what we must do to preserve them.  Click on the photo above to learn more about it.


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