English Summer - Part 4

Queen Elizabeth II's 70th Anniversary Platinum Jubilee (LEO Design)


God Save the Queen!

Today Queen Elizabeth II celebrates her Platinum Jubilee—marking 70 years on the throne, the longest reign of any British monarch in history.  England is abuzz with the celebration.  Today and tomorrow will be "bank holidays" (meaning official business will cease for the four day extended weekend) and Buckingham Palace promises to mount a celebration befitting such a momentous occasion.  Shop windows and homes have been decorated with pictures of the Queen. Flags and bunting hang from fences and storefronts.  And the nation seems to be gearing-up for a week-long festive celebration of Elizabeth Regina.  It's a fun and historic time for me to be visiting England.

Indeed, Elizabeth II was crowned on this day in 1953 (69 years ago).  However, she had already became queen the previous year, the moment her father (George VI) died: 6 February 1952.  She was 25 years old when she ascended the throne.  Today she is 96.

Putting debates of monarchy and colonialism aside, most would argue that Elizabeth II has ruled with very few missteps.  Small bobbles, yes.  But, on the whole, she has been a model of devotion and duty to a task she never sought (or expected, at least in her youth).  She has reigned, as a woman, while enormous conflict, growth and change have roiled the world.  And, though she has certainly enjoyed a life of influence and privilege, she has also surrendered her life to the Nation.  She has subordinated any selfish, personal interests and lived a life of duty, virtuously fulfilling the role to which she had been assigned.  Such a model of decorum, stability and elegance (not to mention female empowerment) has proved to be an asset to people all over the world—not only to the people of the Commonwealth.

I admire Queen Elizabeth II and hope that she lives many more days in health and happiness.  God Save the Queen!

More from my travels tomorrow.


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