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The Accoutrement of Modern Travel (LEO Design)

After a long two-and-a-half years of staying (mostly) around home, this morning I break free!  I begin my first overseas shopping trip since COVID intruded.  Passport?  Check.  Pound notes?  Check.  COVID test kit?  Check.  I even have my N-95 mask.  Who wants to spend eight hours packed into a sealed metal tube with 300 strangers and not be wearing a mask?

In truth, my trip will be a bit of business mixed with pleasure.  My other half, scenic designer Robert Perdziola, has designed a new Cosi Fan Tutte at Garsington Opera.  The company performs on the grounds of the Getty Estate at Wormsley—just about halfway between London and Oxford.  I'm heading over for the premiere.  But I am also planning to do some shopping!  I have meetings planned with my usual collectors and I intend to poke-around my usual haunts in London and Oxfordshire.

Like anyone on a busman's holiday, I will make time to visit a great house (or two), perhaps a museum, and as many quaint little villages as I can manage.  But finding new items for my shop remains a key objective—and you should start to see them in the on-line shop around the 10th of June.

If you happen to be awake this morning, at 3:30 am (Eastern), spare a thought for a tenacious antiques trader waiting at the bus stop for "The Airport Flyer."  (I hope it's not raining!  I hope the bus comes!)  And keep checking this journal.  While I'm away, I hope to share some nice pictures of the wonderful things I'm seeing (and maybe a bit of what I've found).

Toddle pip!


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