Not Lion

Nineteenth Century Bronze "Recumbent Lion" Sculpture on Botanical Plinth (LEO Design)

July begins tomorrow—no lion—which marks the start of the second half of the year!  It is also the month which introduces the wonderful sun sign, LEO!

This bronze lion sculpture is probably English, made in the late Victorian era.  In heraldry, he'd be referred to as a Lion Couchant, that is, bearing the "attitude" of lying on his belly, paws forward, looking forward.  Lions have been well-utilized in royal heraldry from the Medieval age, and each "pose" (or attitude) has a different name and conveys a different meaning.  Family (or individual) crests, military banners, and even decorative carving have captured lions in a wide variety of poses like the Lion Rampant (standing on his hind legs, front paws raised in attack), the Lion Passant (three feet on the ground, one front paw raised) or the Lion Dormant (head down, as if sleeping).  This lion, resting atop his botanically-decorated plinth, could be used as a paperweight or as a nice decorative accent in your home or office.  Click on the photo above to learn more about him.


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