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Contemporary Modernist Hand-Hammered Sterling Silver Cufflinks (LEO Design)


This week we are sharing a selection of Modernist cufflinks, recently added to our on-line collection. Please click here to see our full range of cufflinks—from Victorian to Modernist.

"In the old days," silversmiths like Paul Revere worked hard to avoid any sign of hammer marks in their wares.  They would use increasingly fine "peens" from their collection of hammers to create a perfectly-smooth, mirrored finish to their silver works.  The best items were devoid of any hammer marks or imperfections.  

At the turn-of-the-Twentieth-Century, Arts & Crafts artisans embraced a different point of view.  Prominent hammer marks were now encouraged as part of the decoration—providing evidence of the human handwork that went into creating such a piece.

The contemporary cufflinks, shown above, are fashioned of hand-hammered sterling silver.  The only embellishment to be found on their large, Modernist faces is the skillful hand-hammering which catches the light—and reminds us that they were made by a human craftsman.  Please click on the photo above to learn more about them.

More Modernist cufflinks tomorrow and in the days to come.


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