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Scottish Iona Brooch with Banded Agate and Scrolling Botanical Silver Filigree Mounting (LEO Design)


When I travel on buying trips, I am always looking for nice cufflinks and other masculine jewelry.  But I am unable to avoid crossing paths with lots of women's jewelry.  In fact, most jewelry dealers carry far more women's jewelry than men's jewelry.  Given this reality, I frequently find myself picking-up some nice pieces for women.  But my taste leans to the "handsome" more than the "girly".  When I do buy a piece of women's jewelry, it tends to reflect a more robust taste: a bit heavy, a bit stoney, a bit serious, a bit dour.  Late Nineteenth Century—Victorian Mourning Jewelry—always appeals to me.  But I do try to step-out of my little lane, every now and then.

Shown above, a brooch made on the windswept Island of Iona, off the Western coast of Scotland.  It is the site of a Medieval Abbey and the island still has the reputation (and aura) of a holy place—a place of centering, contemplation, prayer and retreat.  The island is also a center of crafts, sold to the many pilgrims and visitors who come to the island.  This brooch is comprised of a polished, banded agate cabochon, set into a silver scrolling botanical filigree mounting.  It was hallmarked in Edinburgh in 1962 (60 years ago!).  It is a nice juxtaposition of a stately, handsome stone set within a more delicate (and nicely executed) silver background.  Click on the photo above to learn more about it.


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