In Black & White - IX


English Art Deco Soft Square Cufflinks with Black and White Enameled Double Striping (LEO Design)


As we straddle the seasons—that unpredictable period between Winter and Spring—let us shine a little light on another sensory counterpoint: the interplay of black and white.  Over the next few days, we'll share part of our collection of black, white and black & white merchandise—all for sale in our on-line store.

This week we've been exploring Handsome Gifts options in black and white.  The English Art Deco cufflinks, shown above, were made in the 1930's.  Indeed, they are enameled in black and white.  But they also express other notable aspects of the British Art Deco movement including bold graphics, angular movement, and soft corners (which create a "sense of tension" as they wrestle to reform the angular original shape).  The design and energy of this pair of cufflinks remind me of public transit signage from 1930s England: soft square shapes, high contrast coloration, bold graphics, simplicity of design and the use of hard-wearing enameling on metal.  English Deco, to my eye, seems to feature the "softer side" of the movement—an opinion validated by these cufflinks.  Click on the photo above to learn more about them.

Another Black & White offering tomorrow.


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