Edwardian Turned Maple Dumbbells (LEO Design)


Spring is coming—and summer "beach weather" will not be far behind.  We will not be able to hide beneath those chunky-knit sweaters for much longer.  Time to hit the gym!

A century ago—when these turned maple dumbbells were crafted—"strength training" was the domain of a very few, hardy souls: bodybuilders, screen actors, circus performers.   25 pound dumbbells were not to be found in everyday homes (or even exercise rooms).  What the Edwardians did have, however, were light dumbbells like these—used to augment calisthenics or stretching regimens.  A bit of extra weight (a couple of pounds) can make a difference in a prolonged jumping-jacks routine or regimen of "windmills" for the arms.

Even if one doesn't intend to use these dumbbells for exercise (or intend to exercise at all), these Turn-of-the-Century weights certainly have plenty of character as a decorative object—a suggestion of great taste and, perhaps, former glory days.  Click on the photo above to learn more about them.


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