Long-Legged Beauty


Cast Bronze Foal Sculpture (LEO Design)


After unfolding its spindly legs, and taking first steps—tentative and shaky—a newborn foal will soon find its way to its mother's milk.  This first drink is rich with colostrum—packed with antibodies which a newborn foal needs to create its own immunity system. Usually, amazingly, by the end of the first day, a newborn foal will be cantering (quite comically) around its mother's paddock—like a rocky hobby horse, as much up-and-down as back-and-forth.  Horses are born with its legs at nearly adult length; they will only get a little longer as the horse grows up.  It takes a week or two before the foal will begin to nibble at grass or its mother's grain.  Domesticated horses may start eating grain in a couple of months and will be weened from its mother at four to six months of age.  In the wild, foals may nurse for eight or nine months.

This little foal, already steady on its slender legs, seems content at its mother's side.  This beautiful rendering is made of cast bronze, finished with a dark patina.  Click on the photo above to learn more about it.


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