And We're Off!


Hand-Painted, Etched and Flamed Red Owl Gourd Ornaments (LEO Design)


We officially have entered the Holiday Season.  Perhaps you're not quite ready to plunge into the retail fray.  But you may be up for a little festal decorating.  A jolly parliament of owls is ready to alight upon your doorstep.  These endearing ornaments—each one has a distinctive personality—are hand-crafted from natural gourds.  Artisans draw, paint, flame (burn with a candle) and etch the gourds by hand—all before attaching a little beak and a golden hanger.  Each gourd varies in shape (round, pointed, fat or slim) and the artist's decoration contributes to a one-of-a-kind appearance.  They will provide a happy pop on your Christmas tree or look good (all year 'round) hanging in your window.  They'd make a nice little gift at a holiday supper—one charming owl sitting at each pacesetting.  Or upgrade the look of a holiday gift box by tying an owl into the present's ribbon bow.  Click on the photo above to learn more about these handsome avian ornaments.


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