Black & White Chic

Abingdon Art Deco Ceramic Horsehead Bookends with Mirror Black Glaze (LEO Design)


While watching The Graduate for the umpteenth time, I was reminded just how popular (and chic) Black & White interiors were in Mid-Century America.  When I was a young boy, we had an ultra stylish neighbor down the street.  One of the neighborhood kids informed me that she was a divorcée.  Her daughter was a classmate and, on rare occasion, I was invited into their house.  Her mother had decorated much of the house—including the living room (which we were never allowed to enter)—in Mid-Century Modern Black and White.  Somehow, I began to associate Black & White interiors with "fast living" (whatever that meant to an eight year old boy).  This notion was confirmed, years later, the first time I saw The Graduate.  Mrs. Robinson's stunning Black & White patio, punctuated with slashes of green, was made for the kind of dangerous woman about whom I had been cautioned.

These ceramic Art Deco bookends were made by Abingdon (Knoxville, Illinois) in the Thirties or Forties.  Abingdon's main business was high-quality porcelain sinks, water fountains and toilets.  But, during the Depression, Abingdon branched-out (for a few years) making decorative giftware: vases, bowls, bookends.  For these smaller objects, Abingdon used their same, extra-durable clay, finished with their standard, silky-chic glazes.  Once the Depression passed, and Americans resumed building new houses (requiring sinks and toilets), Abingdon returned to making those higher-ticket items for which they were already famous.

Click on the photo above to learn more about them.  Mrs. Robinson (and my boyhood neighbor) would be pleased.


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