Breaking the Rules


Hand-Built Modernist Ceramic Studio Vase with Lapis, Gunmetal and Verdigris Glazing by Kate Vogler (LEO Design)


Decades ago, I made the decision to prioritize antique and vintage ceramics pieces in my store.  Although contemporary studio ceramics were often superior to the older, mass-produced pieces (in terms of finish, execution and attention to detail), I simply did not have the shop space to display both types properly.  I had to choose one or the other and I sided with the antique pieces. 

Nevertheless, intriguing "new pieces"— by living ceramicists—would occasionally cross my path.  I recognized their quality, artistry and rarity (as they usually were made in very small batches, and were sometimes a "one-off" specimen).  So I make the very occasional exception and spring for a contemporary piece (when I cannot help myself).

The piece above, made by British ceramicist Kate Vogler, was crafted around the year 2000.  As I am highly-swayed by interesting glazes, this piece nearly jumped into my arms.  Rivers of lapis blue glazing flow past textured verdigris continents—caked with gunmetal metallic crusts.  The vase, viewed as a whole, is reminiscent of a photograph of Earth as shot from the Moon: living, verdant, beautiful.  Click on the photo above to learn more about this handsome piece.


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