Know Jack?


Cast Brass Jackrabbit Hare Sculpture with Verdigris Bronze Patina (LEO Design)


Jackrabbits are a variety of hare which lives in the Southwestern U.S. and Mexico.  The fact that they are hares—not rabbits—is an important distinction.

Rabbits are more socially gregarious than hares, and their naked babies are born in underground burrows, called "warrens." Rabbits have been successfully domesticated, both in farming and as pets.  Hares, on the other hand, tend to live more independently (sometimes in pairs).  Babies, called "leverets," are born fully-furred, in above-ground nests, and they are mobile (and can defend themselves) almost immediately after birth.  Their mother does not stick-around much beyond initial nursing.  And hares have not been known to be well-adapted to intimate life with humans.

Hares are distinguished by their generally leaner bodies, longer hind legs, and long ears (through which they dissipate heat).  And they are fast: some hares can exceed 55 miles an hour for brief periods.  

During the Spring (which is their breeding season), hares sometimes can be found standing upright, "boxing" other hares with their front paws.  These can be males asserting dominance over another male or females repelling the amorous advances of one of these winning males.  This strange, anthropomorphic behavior has inspired the phrase, "Mad as a March hare."  A group of hares, when they do congregate, is called a "husk," a "down," or a "drove."

This jackrabbit sculpture, shown above, captures a hare in peaceful contemplation.  He is made of cast brass, finished with a bronze patina.  Click on the photo above to learn more about him.


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