A Parade of LEOs - I


Cast Bronze Lion "Statant Guardant" Sculpture (LEO Design)


We celebrate the first few days of LEO with a "parade" of leonine beauties—now in-stock at LEO Design.  

Lions are, perhaps, the most "lionized" of all the animals.  They symbolize courage, beauty, royalty and leadership.  Unsurprisingly, lions have been used in the heraldry of many cultures in many times.  Heraldry is the system of using, arranging and regulating the aesthetic elements in crests, coats-of-arms, military insignia and other symbolic "heraldic" decoration.  Even lions themselves are classified by the position they assume in such heraldry.  Each differing position is called an "attitude."  A lion standing on his hind legs is a Lion Rampant (if he's looking forward), a Lion Rampant Guardant (if he's looking at the viewer) and a Lion Rampant Regardant (if he's looking backwards, over his shoulder).  Lions with one front paw raised (as though waving) is a Lion Passant.  A Lion Couchant is lying flat on his belly while a Lion Dormant is asleep (or dead).

The cast bronze lion, shown above is called a Lion Stattant Guardant—a lion standing with all four feet on the ground, looking at the viewer.  He was made in Canada and will be a handsome paperweight (or regal companion) on your desk, bookcase or windowsill.  Click on the photo above to learn more about him.

More handsome LEOs tomorrow and in the days to come.


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